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李學斌 / lxb / ابن السب
李學斌 / lxb / ابن السب

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Getting Rust, ah yeah

I have just started playing with Rust. It just happens that I am in office with my Apple Silicon Mac Mini. So I am quite excited to note that since 1.23, Rust had been natively available.

But challenges quickly unearth. I fail to run

rustup doc
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since aarch64-apple-darwin is still only a Tier 2 target.

It is not too far from knowing tricks like

rustup +stable-x86_64-apple-darwin doc
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OK, it works, cool.

Trying to install the pre-built toolchain failed. Right now I have

rustc 1.52.1 (9bc8c42bb 2021-05-09)

rustup 1.24.2 (755e2b07e 2021-05-12)

rustfmt 1.4.36-stable (7de6968e 2021-02-07)

cargo 1.52.0 (69767412a 2021-04-21)

Just let it go.

Yo! Hello Fxxking world~
Boom... needs all the compliers installed that I have not yet load this m1 with Xcode....

Another 10 mins. Fine.

I am ok with all c-styled syntax.

And, yeah, cargo does not accept the dot (.)

Good to know. And I like cargo starts the git and gitignore ( Am I too old to like such ? ), such that I cannot hold to check how to better config the default behaviour of cargo.

I am good with the speed of (cargo new | git clone) cargo { check build run }. Nice.

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