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re: Thank you for the list of links and for including videos as well. I have really enjoyed Brad Traversy's library of playlists but The Net Ninja i...


If you wait for a sale, usually $9.99 or $11.99, the Udemy Bootcamps listed have a lot of content for the price. You can also get them discounted by looking up the teachers website or twitter account and getting a promo-link from them.

That's a good idea :)

Do you have a favourite instructor on Udemy? Have you tried any of the others like Skillshare?

My Fav Udemy teachers...

Andrei Neagoie
Andrew Mead
Maximillian Schwarzmรผller
Jonas Schmedtmann
Brad Traversy
Angela Yu
Todd McLeod
Mosh Hamedani
Stephen Grider

Your mention is the first I've looked at Skillshare. I did recognize some of the names of people teaching web-dev on Skillshare. Looks promising. I may have to give it a go sometime soon. Thanks :)

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