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As a dev I understand the go-to method of writing code to solve a problem. The only issue here is that Chrome has a built-in way to do the same thing. This way does have 1 drawback, and that is it will open all the tabs on your computer first before you can bookmark them.

  1. Open a new chrome window (ctrl-N if you are in chrome)
  2. Go to history (ctrl-h)
  3. Select Tabs from other devices
  4. Find your other device
  5. Click on the action button (three vertical dots) and select open tabs
  6. Allow tabs to start to open, then select bookmark all open tabs (ctrl-Shift-D).

No code option.


Thanks. This is a good option too as long as you have your mobile Chrome tabs synchronized with Google account. Also, not sure how Chrome desktop browser would handle over 2000 open tabs.

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