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Discussion on: Deliberate practice: The art of teaching and learning

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Bernard Baker


πŸ‘πŸ½ your article. It's inspiring 🧘🏻.

I'm working with a distributed team in different πŸ—ΊοΈ time zones at the moment.

And I wondered how we might pair up because of the time zone difference and approach pairing on tasks which require two of us to get done.

Assuming 30 mins to solve an aspect of a larger problem made me think that it might be possible to have a minute or two to read through the task and associated materials. Then tackle a 20-minute sprint. And check-in and review.

The above might seem off-topic. But the goal for me is to teach my self and the collaborators how to work remotely in different time zones and learn a pattern which is repeatable, predictable and always has a positive outcome.

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Raoul Meyer Author

Thanks, glad you liked it!

The approach you mentioned definitely seems interesting. I've noticed for myself pairing up is a lot harder now remote, and across timezones probably doesn't make it easier. Adding some structure around how you work together this way might help.

Curious how it works out, let me know, good luck!

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Bernard Baker • Edited

We have various processes in place already. A single source of truth. And P1, P2, etc. We've set sprints to 10 working days. I think it is just massaging the timings of collaboration.