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Discussion on: Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Adrian B.G.

I would not recommend anything named "Enterprise" in 2018. And the book you recommend is nothing but good for first time readers, it gets into too many details, in too many patterns that are obsolete, you will end up learning too many things and remembering none.

Clean Architecture lacks a lot of stuff, but as a starter in Architecture is good overall. I read it in a few hours, it's "light". In a case, by not being so great and long, it is a great start for a developer to delve in the Architecture world, by using the same concepts he uses to code (SOLID).

My point is, even if it is a poor written book, from the Clean Architecture the reader will probably retain only 2-3 things, the "onion" schema probably is the most important, which is fine. They are powerful simple concepts that will not die of old age (like the patterns are).

Unfortunately most of these similar books are stuck in the past, with Java/.Net monoliths, which in my non-enterprise world they are obsolete. I'm still waiting for the "new age" books that takes advantage of the new advancements in the computing area.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Are you poo-pooing the Fowler book because it has the word "enterprise" in the title?

Either way, I'd take the Fowler book over Martin's book every time. Yeah, it's from 2002 and some of the info might be dated but it's still a solid reference. There are only so many sane ways you can compose enterprise software and Fowler has done a pretty great job of cataloging them.