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Discussion on: Breaking up with JavaScript

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Adrian B.G. • Edited

Knowing more languages and paradigms will make you a better developer. I like the general rule: learn 1 new language each year (at a superficial level ofc). Knowing a Strongtype language is the closest next step, Reactive paradigm (if you don't use Redux yet), and at the other end is the Functional Paradigm.

That being said, you saw it yourself, a JavaScript medium-large project is very hard to maintain, thats why the 'big boys' are using a strong type superscript like TypeScript.

So my suggestion is to learn Java and TypeScript :)) if you want to stick to the web. If you go on mobile you may want to check Flutter too or Kotlin.

Either way I don't blame you, I hope to leave the JS arena myself soon, "I'm too old for this 💩".