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re: Question: You said "Sure they can be productive at the highest level of website development, but they often lose a lot of time because debugging or...

Hmm, I think those "methods" apply to more advanced juniors.

That rule is a firewall for the mentor, is a proof that the junior really cares about that problem and most important wants to learn how to solve it. It is a fear that if you just ask for the solution is "just a job, just a task" in opposite to "I'm here to learn".

Another big problem is that Development in general is a self-learning discipline (mostly because of the nature of the tech as an industry properties like fast advancements), and one thing that juniors must learn is to solve problems on their own, the first step include to search for solutions.

Teachers, books and manuals will take you trough the thinking and maybe in 50% of the implementation, then we are on our own. THis is where tutorials and stackoverflow should be used.

In your first year you probably don't know even to find 5 solutions to a problem. Then if you find a solution that works you most probably don't understand how it works, so you still have to go to a mentor and ask him "how to do it" and most important "why and how it works".

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