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Running the stored procedure from NestJs

using the repository that was created,
for instance you want to interact with the table users
and say you have the repository UserRepository. 
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  1. dependency inject the user repository into the current service
private  userRepository:  Repository<UserRepository>
)  {}
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  1. now use the created userReposotory to run the command to invoke the stored procedure
this.userRepository.query("call dev_db.listUsers(?)",[the_input_paramenters_required]);
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--the above query returns a promise with result of stored Procedure or error
So make sure you add await to function having the above line

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BhargavMantha I am almos sure that this.userRepository.query(call dev_db.listUsers(${the_input_paramenters_required}); is prone to sql injection, you should use a param list instead.

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Thank you so much for pointing that out notaduck. My apologies for missing your comment. :)