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OpenSource Contribution - Live Coding

How to Contribute to Open Source?

  1. Find an opensource project that you use every day
  2. Find faults in existing functionality
  3. Raise an issue in their Github repo
  4. Offer the implement the feature
  5. Read code
  6. Implement the feature
  7. Raise a PR
  8. Get it reviewed and take it to merging

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Robin Kretzschmar

Hey there, can you please add a small summary to this article?
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This makes your post more discoverable here on the platform and helps readers to know what to expect from the video upfront.

From the Terms of Use:

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Thanks in advance :)

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Bhavani Ravi Author

Sure absolutely, give me until the end of the day

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Robin Kretzschmar

Awesome, thank you very much.