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Discussion on: Angular learning curve is a journey

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Benoît Hubert

I think you have to be cautious when stating that "this is the easiest compared to that". We often have biases when we're proficient with something, and sometimes tend to forget that it took us some time and perseverance to get there.

I learnt AngularJS, then React, then Angular... In my experience, the hard part about React was getting what props and state were about, and understanding Redux. Other than that, it was a relatively easy and fun experience.

I found Angular a bit more difficult to learn, for one single reason: observables. Though they're great, they're not that easy to wrap your head around at first. Especially difficult was how to pick the right observable type, how to combine them using operators, etc. There are many resources, but not all are equal!

I agree that TypeScript is not that hard. But more often than not, as a beginner, when one tries to convert JS code to TS, it's easy across a cryptic error message from the compiler.

My point is, don't dismiss or minimize other people's complaints about the difficulty of learning something, especially if they're recurring.