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Angular learning curve is a journey

Every story can be very personal, but a story of a developer always ends up being framed.

Abundance of information


Learning Angular can be quite a task, especially when an abundance of online materials can be rather frustrating than helpful. And the trickiest part when working with information on the internet is that the verification process can be time-consuming. Today, when we live in a booming era of technology, time is precious like never before. Therefore productivity and cost-effective programming decisions are essential for any web developer who wants to succeed. Figuring out Angular tips & tricks comes not only with experience it also requires access to a good and trusted source of information.

Browsing the internet for answers can be exhausting, especially when opting for a self-learning Angular journey. Going through various books, online sources trying to figure out the correct solution can bring all the spectrum of emotions due to the majority of sources being too advanced. Most of the Angular materials available online presume that you are already intermediate, making it hard for beginners or anyone who decided to switch from another framework.

A good example is the complexity of TypeScript due to its combination with Angular. When both make a pair, it is impossible to avoid the feeling that you are dealing with a new programming language. Other various combinations like ngModules (Unique architecture), Angular decorators with assigned responsibilities require a change in developer mentality.

Loneliness in "online classroom"


The Angular learning curve can vary, and it is very individual, but synchronized and updated systematic information available to Angular developers can help a lot. And still, even with a guided step-step manual that explains that you can't avoid RxJS or that you must learn the RxJS operators by heart make no difference when there is none available to answer your questions. Therefore Angular workshops where you can discuss your difficulties with other developers can bring your Angular journey to another level.

There are multiple Angular workshops available online, but some of them either don't follow the suitable structure for beginners or don't have a tutor who can clarify and help you when you are lost. And the combination of both is a must if you want to achieve your Angular ROI after becoming a developer.

Angular Workshop series by Aliaksei Kuncevic


Angular Workshops series by Aliaksei Kuncevic, the Google Developer expert and founder of Angular Rocks podcast, tackles all the points.

When he worked on his learning program, he stayed in touch with very famous industry professionals and used his own Angular experience as a base. Apart from that, he launched a free educational Angular Rocks Podcast with Angular-related information in a very structured order to help those who can't enroll in the paid workshops.

Multiple years of experience, many Angular professional discussions, consulting assignments, and educational sessions all contributed to the three series of Angular workshops suitable for different levels. Whether you are a beginner or in the middle of your journey, you will be able to find your answers. What makes it gold is that all the paid workshops will secure professional guidance and the possibility to connect with other developers. Learning Angular in a group is fun and motivating. You have no excuse to procrastinate when inspired by other Angular enthusiasts.

During Aliaksei's previous workshop, one of the students made a great observation, which proved that a challenging process could be exciting too when you identify the right path for your Angular journey.

" I love Angular for its modular architecture, extensibility, and clear separation between logic and markup. The initial learning curve can be exhausting, but as soon you grasp the Angular basic concepts and see a clear path, you turn your developing journey into a rewarding process."

As soon as you are ready to make your first step gradually, you will progress.

All of the tree workshops can be taken independently and are suitable for different levels. Angular Getting Started Workshop can work for anyone at the beginning of his journey with Angular. While Angular First Steps and Deep Dive can work if you are already familiar with Angular.

The workshops’ structure ensures a very smooth Angular learning journey, which is why Angular Getting started workshop is free. This workshop will answer the critical question: is this framework really for you, and are you happy with the teaching style of your tutor, and you want him to guide you on your Angular journey.

Your invitation

Learning a new framework can be painful, but it is always fun when you are not alone. Stay inspired, connected, and never stop exploring. Keep your Angular developer spirit high, and remember that Angular will start paying you back when you master a rapid form of development.

The registration for the Angular workshops series by Aliaksei Kuncevic is now open here. Check it out. Everyone is welcome to join, choose the one right for you, or find out which is the right for you by taking the FREE Angular Getting Started workshop.

Thanks for reading, and ask your questions in the comments or contact me directly via linkedin or DM me on twitter

Top comments (4)

nachikamod profile image
Nachiket Kamod

Well compared, vue, react, nuxt, next and other php based frameworks angular is the most easiest framework an beginner can dream of.

Yeh there is lack of beginner friendly documentation for some advance concepts that is true.

Nevertheless there is never abundance of help from communities like from stack overflow, discord, etc.

Clumsiness is another issue with other frameworks, angular addresses this issue with clear separate file structure, which can be really helpful in managing huge projects.

Now about the typescript, I have seen many people crying about how complex it is. Well typescript is almost similar to javascript infact better version of javascript.

Workshop is ok, but this article seems little bit discouraging and misleading the actual fact that angular is really beginner friendly with plenty of beginner friendly guides.

bhubr profile image
Benoît Hubert

I think you have to be cautious when stating that "this is the easiest compared to that". We often have biases when we're proficient with something, and sometimes tend to forget that it took us some time and perseverance to get there.

I learnt AngularJS, then React, then Angular... In my experience, the hard part about React was getting what props and state were about, and understanding Redux. Other than that, it was a relatively easy and fun experience.

I found Angular a bit more difficult to learn, for one single reason: observables. Though they're great, they're not that easy to wrap your head around at first. Especially difficult was how to pick the right observable type, how to combine them using operators, etc. There are many resources, but not all are equal!

I agree that TypeScript is not that hard. But more often than not, as a beginner, when one tries to convert JS code to TS, it's easy across a cryptic error message from the compiler.

My point is, don't dismiss or minimize other people's complaints about the difficulty of learning something, especially if they're recurring.

samuelnarciso28 profile image
Samuel Narciso • Edited

Thanks bro, I was searching about Angular, and your post will to help me a lot.