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Discussion on: I have ADHD 🌧️

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Tobias Nickel

thanks for sharing this.

sometimes I think to be different, But I thing most people think that of themselves. I ratger wonder when I see some colleagues who power through problems.

I want to do the things right, because i believe then it is not needed to go though pain and power through.

I see it as a different strenght. I see people solving problems, I did not think of doing. Bit also last week, I delivered a feature and got told, the solution is months ahead of what was expected.

I kind of see myself in your post, maybe to a lower degree. i just took that for me as: people have different strenghts. and want to see it positive. So far it play out well.

With this approach I got into the position of a tech lead. And for a lead I use the word I to much in this comment. As I go this path, I tell, there is a difference of beeing a manager or beeing a leader. And to get the project done successfully, both is needed.