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Discussion on: What's your favorite CSS approach?

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Tobias Nickel

pure CSS in a single file. Does that sounds strange to you? let me explain.

With this setup Chrome with its dev-tools almost becomes a design tool. Click on an element, add the class to the css file (inside chrome), add some properties, see live how it changes. not knowing all css vocabulary and keywords does not matter, just try a few. When it looks good, copy the complete css and drop it into your css file in your editor.

the theme changes, just click at the items adjust it. This way, you can just go, without thinking ahead and defining variables that might or might never change. greatly reducing overhead and boilerplate in your styles.

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I totally agree. Plain CSS makes it super easy to change stuff with chrome and it even reloads the CSS automatically when you change it in the editor.

Custom properties (aka "CSS variables") make preprocessors mostly redundant anyway.

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Vesa Piittinen

For this I prefer Firefox because

Chrome does not tell me things like this that I do want to know.