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Discussion on: Golang through the eyes of a Java developer - pros and cons

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Tobias Nickel

Thanks for this article, I was reading it, as js/ts developer, who also know a thing or two about golang. (and usually dislike java).

I can't agree more about the aweful error handling. every second line checking for an error.

Once I was writing unit tests, for an existing project. I was using an sql driver mock. It feeled very cumbersome, not productive. Along the way I did some refactoring. First doing the change I wanted, then recompile and run the test as long as everything got into its place again. It was very much guided by golang. (statically types language). While I did not feel productive, only fixing what the compiler tell me, (can't the compiler fix the code for me),... but it absolutely feeld satisfying in the end. and I was a little proud when that work was done.