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Hosting A Website on Infinity Free For Free

Getting that website fired up online, is not that hard. In this article we will discuss on how you can have you site hosted for free using InfinityFree.

Infinity Free has some cool features which you can enjoy using, and in my opinion it is among the best hosting platforms you can get for free.

So lets get into the process of hosting a website there.

1. Create an Account or Log In into your account

Creating an account there is simple and straight forward as shown below:

2. Create a Hosting Account

Here you now create an account with the name of the website you want to host, not your details and you do that by clicking on the Create Account button.

3. Create a Custom Domain or a Subdomain provided by InfinityFree

Here if you have your custom domain, you can enter it and chage your nameservers in your domain providers to point to InfinityFree, if you have a difficult time doing this, check this this article out.

For custom domain you'll click on the custom domain tab, then enter your domain name and click on search Domain.

For subdomainns provided by infinityfree, click on the subdomain tab and enter your preffered subdomain name.

4. Manage your account

After a successful creation of your subdomain or domain, your account will show up with a button to manage it. Click on the manage button.

Mine shows three acounts, it's because I have three accounts, yours will show one.

5. Upload your Files

Another window will open and a screen like this will open:

Click on File manager and you will see a window like this, Now get into htdocs and upload your files there.

Your uploaded files should appear here.

6. Creating Your Database

This is the most crucial part, Some get stuck here.

Click on Control Panel and it will open another tab

Now Click on MySQL Databases which will open another window as shown below

Enter your database name and click on create database.

Your database will now appear in the current Databases. Click on Admin button and another tab will open as shown below and from there you can start creating your tables or click on the import tab and import your already created database.

7. Changing your PHP connectionn file configuration

Now we need to change our database name and password to match the ones in our account. We can find the details in our account dashboard. If you had a config file where you had specified your connecrtion details, you'll only change that, but if you were calling your database credentials in each file, you will have to change them in all of them or aternatively create a new file and save your connection credentials there and include the file in each other page which will require the connection.

To find your database credentials, go tour panel and click on Account Settings

In Account Settings You will find your details there:

That's all you had, If you are having any difficulty feel free to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.

See you soon. happy coding

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EddiesTech • Edited

Yikes! InfinityFree - I used them a long time ago to host my website, but they were hit with massive downtime where my site was down for more than around 3-4 weeks and it would have been longer the longer I stayed. Then I moved to x10Hosting who were better, but I started to also experience downtime as they moved from CPanel to DirectAdmin. Despite it being almost finished, with little downtime, while I was still using it, people are still having issues to this day after they moved, so, as I got more comfortable with it, I eventually moved my site to Glitch. Its great! Hardly any downtime, supports loads more languages than just HTML, Node and PHP (e.g. Python, Ruby, etc.) and it has an amazing community forum with a huge, but close-knit community backing it. Would choose Glitch over any other free host and they have a paid plan with even more ability!

billy_de_cartel profile image
Billy Okeyo

Thanks, I'll look into Glitch

bentech20004 profile image
Ben-tech2004 • Edited

Hey how do I get a free domain for life without giving out my payment details

unknoa profile image

Use Freenom