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Billy Okeyo
Billy Okeyo

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My Journey as a Software Developer

It all started with that one post i saw in twitter back in 2017. There was some workshop about something to do with Fringe Tech, I can't even recall what was being discussed there because i never understood a thing.

Fringe Tech Ict Consultancy, is a modern Tech Company designed to increase productivity by use of innovative technology. A tech firm that aims at changing the world through solving worldly problems by using technology and giving back to the community, you can reach them through -

The requirements were carry your laptop and lucky me, I had a laptop and I decided to tag it along. The workshop was being held at JKUAT-Eldoret Campus.

On the D-Day, i took my laptop and went to the gig. A lot was discussed that day and honestly I never understood a thing but at least I got out of that place a motivated me. I was so surprised that all the speakers were young guys, others who were still students and i got challenged.

Having not been in a position to even write a simple html code really challenged me.

I went back home opened Atom editor(I knew it for the first time in the workshop) looked at it for like 30 minutes and challenged myself to be better soon

I started watching tutorials online on a daily basis as I taught myself how to code.

It was a hard journey, having no one to walk me through but I was determined to be good at coding some day.

Hard work pays as the wise men said and it surely did.

3 years down the line, here I am having my own blog site coded from scratch, I have done other projects, collaborated with other developers. I am also a mentor to other students in my campus and the Chairman of Mount Kenya University Hackathon and Coding Community.

I had a hard time learning and I never wanted to see someone go through that and that keeps me going for I want to help all those I can be better at coding.

at times I do get some questions;

What does it take to be a developer?

  1. Commitment
  2. Passion
  3. Time
  4. Practice

How long do you need to code so that you can know you are ready?

There is no time span for that, we have developers who are like 1 year into coding and are good at it, others take upto 5 years. So it all depends on how consistent you are and whenever you feel you are ready go for it, most developers learn more from doing projects.

Do I need to have an IT background to be a developer?

Nope, we have so many guys who are self-taught programmers, all it takes is passion

Keep coding, keep doing that one thing you want to be good at and you'll make it at the end of the day.

And that's a brief summary on how I got into software development

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Jane Tracy 👩🏽‍💻

Amazing journey. Very inspiring. 💯

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Billy Okeyo

Thanks Jane