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binarybill on August 02, 2018

I want to create the following web app. Web App description: This web app will have 4 buttons on the screen for phone1. Each button has a uniqu... [Read Full]
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You could use SSE (Server Sent Events) and host the service on glitch.com or similar service.

A Look at Server-Sent-Events

Or you could use a Service Worker and FireBase for Push Notifications.

Add push notifications to a web app

The links I provided were picked by a quick search, didn't even read the whole articles. You can further search those topics for more implementation options.

The first option is more appropriate I guess.


I forgot about WebSockets that you already mentioned and that probably is the best candidate I guess since it is bidirectional.

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Thanks Gene... I suppose I need to create a server to run this example on localhost. I don't even know how to do that! What is the easiest web server to use that will support javascript and ws?


You can remix those glitch projects and do everything online.

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