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Discussion on: What are your programming goals for 2017?

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Kris Siegel

I have 3.

First, I want to try and give back more to the community. Most of my social media work and writing has been about my own projects and biases. But I love writing and teaching. So I'm setting up where I'm going to post topics that, while I'm interested in, are designed so a reader can take something away from it (e.g. a development how-to article). I'll never put ads on it and hope to get a few others to contribute to it in due time (I eventually want to get into publishing of free e-books on this site but that's down the road a bit).

I also want to do more outreach over twitter, etc. I created a #SideProject list so I can track people and bug them on finishing their 2017 side project :)

Second, I have a list of items I want to wrap up on my open source library msngr.js. Mostly minor improvements, hardening and supporting newer development techniques like using promises.

Third, I started at the 2016 Launch Hackathon. I demonstrated that my expert A.I. system could handle scheduling and rescheduling complex appointments while tracking their context. I need to finish taking my initial prototype, which barely worked on a single computer, and get it deployed and working fully in the cloud.

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Ben Halpern Author

Very noble list of things to get done this year, Kris. You're welcome to cross-post any of your articles here, as well as let us know if you need a hand with anything. Thanks for being a great supporter in 2016.

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