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Pranav Swaroop Gundla
Pranav Swaroop Gundla

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Better plots for Statistics display - ggstatsplot

I thought I would write my #firstpost about this. If you've done any plotting in R, you've almost certainly used ggplot2 while it offers a simple approach to making plots, they are sometimes but ggstatsplot is an extension to it. It provides a variety of statistical tests including a text rich plots for better visualizations.

The link to the github repo is ggstatsplot.

This a very useful plotting technique has statistical details, which makes data exploration simpler and faster.

a quick peek of the ggbetweenstats code:

# for reproducibility

# plot
  data = iris,
  x = Species,
  y = Sepal.Length,
  title = "Distribution of sepal length across Iris species"
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Everything in detail is presented in the github repo for more details do visit!

Credits: Indrajeet Patil

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