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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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Pedro Pimenta

I'm learning a bunch of things to be able to become a "real" front-end dev :) I'm an expert on HTML and CSS but JS just only for DOM manipulation.

I'm currently building a couple of webapps in React, and on the way learning to work with, MongoDB and deployment to Heroku.

At the same time I'm slowly reading which is a great resource to actually learn JavaScript, not just put pieces together.

Now I'm configuring Strapi and Gatsby to build my new website while designing it in Figma.

Probably too much at the same time but I'm feeling it :)

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Arika O Author

I was about to say the same thing; those are quite a few technologies (quite a bit of back-end too). But I wouldn't worry too much about it, the more you learn, the faster you'll get the bigger (full stack) picture. What;s your favorite technology until now?

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Pedro Pimenta amazed me por the simplicity in achieving something that I once thought unattainable if you're not a computer science major. It really baffles me how it can be this easy :)

Also, deploying stuff to heroku and starting whole stacks with the one click feature is out-of-this-world amazing!