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re: I like VS Code but it is very slow for bigger files (~10k of lines). Thats why I prefer Sublime for these kind of projects, to be fair, almost all ...

This is a genuine question, not trolling.
What is a use case or reason for 10kloc files?
I see this as more of an architectural issue than editor problem.


I work in projects having a large "inc/functions.php" file where everything is cramped. Library and logic stuff. This is bad practice, I know.. but no one has the time to refactor it, I tried once but older coworkers then asked why, where, what happend to function x... where is it.

Newer projects were built uppon that first app so the functions.php is growing bigger and bigger, containing unrelevant stuff from the first app. This is pure horror, not just for the code editor.

OK, thanks. I see your point (and feel your pain).

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