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Discussion on: Interesting Board Game Mechanics

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Ben Calder
  • Fluxx - a card game where the cards you play change the rules
  • Rhino Hero - kid's card-stacking dexterity game. Quick; and great after a couple of beers :D
  • Kingdomino - a really nice mechanic for deciding play order: do you take the best 'domino' available or choose one which will give you first pick next turn?
  • King of Tokyo - Yahtzee; but with a theme lifted straight from Rampage. The random element helps balance the playing field when playing with your kids :)
  • Carcassone - a classic; and a good intro for the uninitiated
  • Go - simple rules; but complex gameplay.

I'm kind of stuck playing lightweight-ish games as I have to find games I can play with the kids :)

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Ben Lovy Author

I love King of Tokyo! I've been looking for a sale for a while - I'd love a copy, but have trouble shelling out for a game that really isn't that much more than Yahtzee. Tons of fun though.