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Discussion on: 5 Absolutely FREE Projects YOU should do to become a Full Stack SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN before the 2020 ends !!!

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Ben Calder

Saeed: if you post articles that perpetuate the idea that the dev industry is the preserve of some special elite (or people aiming to be part of it): be it code bros'; superheros; ninjas; whatever... whether intentionally or not you are part of a problem. The fact that you are backing up someone making overtly misogynistic comments also doesn't do you any favours.

You're posting on a public forum; so expect people to "poke their nose in" when you cross a fairly obvious line. People are not simply trying to "prove you wrong"; they're trying to educate you.

If it's not obvious to you why, and you're not willing to learn from others, then take some responsibility and educate yourself. Find out why using diminutives ("girls", "gals" etc.) to talk about women - whilst you use superlatives to talk about a largely male contingent - has for some an exclusionary effect. Discover why humility, patience and understanding are far better personality traits to cultivate for a developer than striving to become a ninja, superhero fullstack dev.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Yeah that's completely okay and I appreciate that. I am not on anyone's side. I was just trying to justify that if I didn't include SUPERWOMAN in my title, that was not intentional. Hope you will try to understand my point as well. Now this discussion is completely out of context. My intention was to give beginners a list of tutorials and that's successful. If you can see I have also used the words SUPERWOMAN in the title and you can see my other comments too how I interact with women. So, you are correct in your stance too but I expect you to my understand my point as well.

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Ben, the only ones with the "overtly misogynistic comments" are the ones saying that women aren't capable of going after what they want unless there is a female mentioned in the title.. Your white-knighting and virtue-signaling are not only pathetic but disrespectful to women.

Bitch about something that's actually problematic. And have a bit more confidence in women. They are as capable as men in many ways. If something interests me, I'm not going to let the word 'princess' in the article header stop me. Nor will a woman who's interested in the content of this article be thwarted by the word 'superman'. Your petty nonsense helps no one. Your desire to believe that women are inferior is counter to the message you pretend to stand for.

Do better.

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Ben Calder

Tohzt. Where did I say that women aren't capable of going after what they want?
I'm just suggesting that we can make the industry more welcoming if we tone down the overtly macho language. If I'm being disrespectful to women by suggesting that then I'll apologise: but I want to hear it from an established member of this community and not someone who - from what I can see - joined with the sole intent of trolling this thread.

You said:

They are as capable as men in many ways.

So by implication you're saying that there are some ways in which women aren't as capable as men? That looks like an overtly misogynistic comment to me...

You can read a woman's view on this topic in Technically wrong; and there are plenty of other women rightly complaining about the male-centric language used in the dev community.