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5 Absolutely FREE Projects YOU should do to become a Full Stack SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN before the 2020 ends !!!

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Every developer wants to be Full Stack !

Why ?

It has it's own perks and benefits...

You get paid more...
You are no more dependent on other devs...
You have more opportunities...
You learn a lot...
Better understanding...
And lots more...

In this article, we are going to cover 5...Yes...5 projects to become a FullStack Ninja before the 2020 Ends!!!

Are you ready ?

Let us start

1. Full Stack React & Firebase Tutorial

Project : Build a social media app

By : FreeCodeCamp

Link :

Description :

In this full tutorial course, you will learn how to create a full stack, fully-featured social media application using React, Firebase, Redux, Express, and Material-UI.

This intermediate tutorial covers things such as creating a backend REST API server with Node.js and Express, user login and authentication, image uploads, notifications, cloud functions, deploying to Firebase, and much more.

2. Full Stack Python Flask Tutorial

Project : Build a social network

By : FreeCodeCamp

Link :

Description :

Learn how to build a basic social platform with the Python Flask web framework. In this video we review how to create a database, pull data in and out of that database, create a web server with python, and use python HTML templating to render a page for the user!

3. React Native Web Full App Tutorial

Project : Build a Workout App for iOS, Android, and Web

By : FreeCodeCamp

Link :

Description :

Learn to use React Native for Web to create a workout app that works on Android, iOS, and the web. The app uses Mobx, Typescript, React Navigation, React Hooks, AsyncStorage / LocalStorage, and more. Once the app is complete, you will learn how to deploy it to Netlify.

4. Full Stack Python Django Tutorial

Project : Build an E-commerce Website with Django and Python

By : FreeCodeCamp

Link :

Description :

Learn how to build an E-commerce website with Django and Python. The website displays products. Users can add and remove products to/from their cart while also specifying the quantity of each item.

5. Full Stack React & NodeJS Tutorial

Project : Build complete Job Listing Website using React and NodeJS

By : FreeCodeCamp

Link :

Description :

This video covers React front end w/ Hooks, Simple Node-Express API, Cron worker to fetch data, Simple filtering algorithm, Redis + node-redis, Deployment (NGINX on DigitalOcean droplet)

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I'm not a fan of phrases like this, like "rockstar" or "ninja", etc.
I'd like to comment on this particular one though: it's very gendered. It's very "bro".
I can't imagine anyone making a post called "How to become a full stack Wonder Woman" without raising eyebrows, so I'm going to raise my eyebrow at this one.


Curious on why rockstar and ninja are gendered. There are a lot of female rock stars. Furthermore the data shows rock bands that include at least one female member are getting labels deals at 8 times the rate of all male rock bands. Female bands are also selling significantly more. I also know over 10 cases where the bands' record deals were revoked because a female member left the band purely out of personal decision and a shift in their interests. If anything there stars to be bias against males in the music industry. Can't speak to ninja as I don't know any male or female ninjas but if you are going to make such comments please do some research. Opinions are irrelevant and even dangerous on such sensitive subjects. We are not going to end sexism with speculations but with precise strikes to the source of the problem.

Edit: there were also a lot of female rock stars in the 80s, arguably the most misogynistic times of rock n roll so I don't know of time where rock star purely represented males.


Well, if we take the literal Japanese term of ninja, it is gendered ;) A female ninja is called kunoichi :)

Wuhooo. Thanks for info. I will use this term in future posts.


Rock star and ninja aren't particularly gendered. What I was getting at was the trend a while ago for describing developers as something extraordinary, like "10x" or "guru" or something. The "superman" part was the gendered part. I was trying to convey that while I didn't like that type of term in general, it was the specific instance of being gendered that made it seem too much.
If we can't flip the genders and still be comfortable with the sentence, then something's up with it, and I think most people would find a title like, "10 ways to be Supergirl with Javascript" to seem clunky.

Oh my bad. Apologies, I misunderstood. Yes I agree with you on the superman part and the whole idea behind that "10x" trend.

Yeah I agree on that. I have updated the title name though. Supergirls are awesome by the way!

Supergirls are awesome by the way!

Great, but why "supergirls" and not "superwomen"? I see that at least you managed to use the latter in your revised title, but in your comments you're not demonstrating much awareness of the issue being raised here.

I'd recommend against all the click-bait superlatives and "we're all trying to be rock-star devs" nonsense. I gave up reading the article as soon as I got to "fullstack ninja". I came to the comments to say as much and saw someone already had.

For those who don't want to conform to the gendered, macho stereotypes you're perpetuating it is all very off-putting.

Man! Every woman is a girl too. Why you people are hell-bent on proving someone wrong?


Oh it's not like that. I just included the word 'Superman' to get maximum traction. Otherwise I think superman or superwoman both are equal and amazing.


FWIW, if you're after traction, there are people like me who will stop reading after the launch of the first traction-seeking missile :)

But I have updated the title. I think that makes sense.

Nah, that doesn't make sense for unicorns like the complainer who just wanna troll or push some "gender" agenda as far as they can, so I urge u (yeah, I know it might be too late) to completely ignore these BS complaints.


I giggled at this one a little. XD

Hahaha. You can laugh too but that's how content writing works.


BTW updated the title.


Agreed. Superhero is a simple non-gendered replacement for the title. But so is rockstar. I was going to say "ninja" too but now I know that is a male gender name for someone of those skills after reading further in the comments.

Regardless, thanks for sharing the free tutorial info!


how is this a valid critic? you completely ignored the content... the title was obviously meant as a joke...

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Get over yourself dude. These are community provided works, and free. If you are looking for malice and to be offended, you'll always find it.


Yep all projects are free!!!

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Don't strain your forehead raising that eyebrow...

Be proud of your incredibly petty complaint. But if a women is turned away from programming because she doesn't like the use of a fictional male figure in place of a fictional female ane, then she doesn't have the logical thinking skills to be interested in this field.

And to be honest, I doubt many women have a problem with what you're complaining about. They either want to learn about this topic, so they look into it. Or they don't, so they don't.


This is a pretty misogynistic attitude tbh.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

On the contrary. I think women are mature enough to look past such petty details. They wouldn't let something as benign as a fictional characters gender get in the way of them perusing their interests.

I am glad you feel confident speaking for how women should and will react to stuff.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Are you suggesting they aren't as competent as I believe? Sounds pretty misogynistic to me...

Noooo. Woman are great specially programmmer Gals!!!

FWIW your original title was fine, although "Superhero" would have probably side-stepped the whole thing. But troll dudes speaking on behalf of all women... Fuck that noise. Tech's got enough issues without codebros lifting their leg and peeing on everything.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

@lshem16 could you shut the fuck up...
I'm glad there are still people like @Tohzt that speak the truth and doesn't get offended by the mention of a character... maybe you don't want to be a Superman, that's okay, but don't you insult everybody else...
@lshem16 you're the troll here...

Thanks bro. I don't know why people would assume things about people and ignore the context.


Haha. Your comment can create controversies.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

That's fine. Doesn't take much heat to melt a snowflake ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

As a woman it is your whole attitude Tohtz that makes working with a person like you not possible. I bet you when you work with women you set standards that you can't even meet. You think that by being a jerk you are being equitable and that you are tough. No you are not. In this case, there is nothing wrong with pointing out to include women. A lot of us like the fact that we are women especially in a field that was first mainly female. The only snowflake are boys like you who feel the need to pretend they know what women will be offended by. Asking for an honorable mention IS not a political offense.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Congratulations on making assumptions so you have something to complain about. Tell me, what standards do I set for others that I can't meet myself?

If a women wants to read an article about tips on progressing with full-stack development, she would not be deterred because the title mentioned superman and not superwoman... It's rather petty to say otherwise, and quite a disrespectful statement about women.

Keep in mind, this is a topic within the context of programming. A paradigm that requires logical thinking. And bitching about the genitals in a fake clickbait superhero does not make for a logical train of thought.

I studied computer science with plenty of women. They were badass individuals who loved programming. Not really the type to let something this insignificant get in their way.

Yeah I agree on that man but what can we do with the people. They will keep poking their nose in irrelevant matters.

Ahan. That was not that much serious gal! I have included women too in the title. I have been working with Gals in the programming and one of them is my role model too.

Saeed: if you post articles that perpetuate the idea that the dev industry is the preserve of some special elite (or people aiming to be part of it): be it code bros'; superheros; ninjas; whatever... whether intentionally or not you are part of a problem. The fact that you are backing up someone making overtly misogynistic comments also doesn't do you any favours.

You're posting on a public forum; so expect people to "poke their nose in" when you cross a fairly obvious line. People are not simply trying to "prove you wrong"; they're trying to educate you.

If it's not obvious to you why, and you're not willing to learn from others, then take some responsibility and educate yourself. Find out why using diminutives ("girls", "gals" etc.) to talk about women - whilst you use superlatives to talk about a largely male contingent - has for some an exclusionary effect. Discover why humility, patience and understanding are far better personality traits to cultivate for a developer than striving to become a ninja, superhero fullstack dev.

Yeah that's completely okay and I appreciate that. I am not on anyone's side. I was just trying to justify that if I didn't include SUPERWOMAN in my title, that was not intentional. Hope you will try to understand my point as well. Now this discussion is completely out of context. My intention was to give beginners a list of tutorials and that's successful. If you can see I have also used the words SUPERWOMAN in the title and you can see my other comments too how I interact with women. So, you are correct in your stance too but I expect you to my understand my point as well.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Ben, the only ones with the "overtly misogynistic comments" are the ones saying that women aren't capable of going after what they want unless there is a female mentioned in the title.. Your white-knighting and virtue-signaling are not only pathetic but disrespectful to women.

Bitch about something that's actually problematic. And have a bit more confidence in women. They are as capable as men in many ways. If something interests me, I'm not going to let the word 'princess' in the article header stop me. Nor will a woman who's interested in the content of this article be thwarted by the word 'superman'. Your petty nonsense helps no one. Your desire to believe that women are inferior is counter to the message you pretend to stand for.

Do better.

Tohzt. Where did I say that women aren't capable of going after what they want?
I'm just suggesting that we can make the industry more welcoming if we tone down the overtly macho language. If I'm being disrespectful to women by suggesting that then I'll apologise: but I want to hear it from an established member of this community and not someone who - from what I can see - joined with the sole intent of trolling this thread.

You said:

They are as capable as men in many ways.

So by implication you're saying that there are some ways in which women aren't as capable as men? That looks like an overtly misogynistic comment to me...

You can read a woman's view on this topic in Technically wrong; and there are plenty of other women rightly complaining about the male-centric language used in the dev community.


I like how they tagged this comment as non-constructive. Made my day


Nice article, but none of these tutorials teach you superhuman strength or speed though ;)


I think if you do even a single end-to-end project you are more confident in presenting your skills then. Also, these are for beginners. So, you can relate.


Well I'm beginner to think someone's salty lol

Oh that's cool though.


I honestly don't know why anyone would want to be a fullstack dev. I worked for multiple unicorns, I worked for start ups where there was an abundance of work to be done. In both cases full stack devs are always pushed to play with the mediocre, boring parts of both worlds. "oh here you go, set up this api while we experiment with all the cool stuff in the backend". And in both cases fullstacks were paid less because they don't need to have as much critical thinking skills as all in backend. I certainly agree that every dev should have full stack skills, it really helps when you are experimenting with stuff, or simply building your own company. Being able to bootstrap your product is a huge plus. I wouldn't do it with any of the languages mentioned here but yeah :) and don't get me wrong, I am not saying as developers they are inferior or anything. I just would never apply to a fullstack position because of the scope of their duties


You're absolutely correct, sticking to a stack and become the best is better.


Yeah I think focus should be on one language at both stacks. It's a better decision in the long run.


If you focus on one point in the stack, you can pivot more easily. Swapping from dotnet core to spring boot for backend is way easier than swapping languages and frameworks for both your api and UI.


Yeah Donovan. You are correct..


Thanks, @saeeddev . I'm glad you found these freeCodeCamp video tutorials so helpful. Thanks for helping raise awareness of them.

We publish new full-length courses each week on our nonprofit's YouTube channel. We just passed the 1.5 million subscriber mark this week, too.

Everything's free and there are no ads, either. I hope you all find these helpful in your coding journey.


Thank you so much @ossia . You are inspiration for me and millions of devs like me. You are a great teacher and a person too. I have a great wish to talk with you. May be I can come across a chance to speak to you. Thank you so much for commenting here.


Nice article. I might be able to use this for a promise I made to myself! Thanks Saeed


Good to hear that. Let us know about your progress in this regard. We would love to hear that.


I will do that! Going to start on the React and Firebase one tonight. Can't wait!

Great Edwin.

Good work saeed ! . I wanted to know about firebase this seems ideal to learn

Thank you so much Majid. Stay tuned. I will share more free resources soon.


I swear "Superhero" would have worked just fine, if not better.

This is a good article by the way. Although I would still feel horrible about myself if I'm not able to complete all these projects in less than a month, thus I'm not good enough.

Your wording is really really interesting


You can bro...Just start with easiest one or with which you are more comfortable...Then let us know about your journey...We are here for your help...


Why no Spring Boot? Clearly it's one of the most used RDFs in n use today.


You can have look at the below playlist, it's about building a full stack Reddit clone with spring boot and angular.


Note that this series is not complete yet.

I have another playlist which is completed.

Building a simple blog with spring boot and angular



Yeah. But I though according to a new person who is learning backend. So, I think he should be comfortable with Django, Flask and NodeJS. After that he can pick up Spring Boot.


Great work I'm sriram fullstack javascript developer I have a whatsapp group dedicated to coders so that you can chat and collaborate on fun hobby projects with real people if you are interested please ping me at +918970787208


When the actual title have more comments than the content.


Yeah. Priorities of people matter.


I personally love Vue but I was forced to compile this list according to the requirements of the market.


Well.. its time to learn a new tool.. thanks for the lists.

Yeah my strategy in this regard was to learn JS, then ReactJS and then you can move on to Angular, Vue or Svelte.


Thank you so much for appreciation. I will soon share more free resources.


Much much thanks. Amazing. This helps a lot for beginner developers such as me.


Thank you so much for your appreciation Hina. You can ping me anytime for help in ReactJS and Django.


Yeah sure. One rise by rising others!

Absolutely. I feel great when I help others.


Great resource! Thanks for this


Thanks for your appreciation. Will you want to add some others which you think would be great for newbies?


Thanks so much Saeed. Really helpful info for me and Btw the title is just fine, I am a woman.


Thank you soooooooo much Gal. You are absolutely a SUPERWOMAN. Go and rock the world!


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Saeed


That's great Bashir. Thanks for appreciation. Stay tuned. I will share more free resources soon.


This is really helpful Saeed. It will go a long way, I needed this. Thank you once again.


Thanks Vusi. Stay tuned. I will share more free resources for beginners.


This felt more like a Great FCC ad than an article. But kudos nonetheless for highlighting a great source of free training.


Yeah I chose FCC videos because it's free and tutorials are awesome too.


These are fantastic ideas.


Are these the kind of projects where you need to have a basic understanding of the languages used?


Django is so bad though ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Like, I would honestly take a five-years outdated version of Rails over today's version of Django >.>


Rube dev here. I'd like to know your reasons for hating Django too. I don't have mu experience in it, but generally in many aspects it seems better designed than Rails.


I haven't worked on Rails but Django's structure is a great thing.


I haven't used it for 5 years or so, but it was pretty damn good back then. What's changed?


I don't see anything bad in it. Yeah it has a lot of django-specific clutter but still it's amazing once you have a good grip on it. What are the reasons due to which you didn't like it?


I would love to hear the reason why you think Django is bad๐Ÿ˜€


On a scale of 1 - 10 how bad is it? That you have to use 5 years old outdated version of Rails? I bet it's not a security aspect I guess?


You are welcome. I regularly share stuff like that. Stay tuned for more in coming days.


Too much React. I tried to learn React but I found its learning process too complicated compared to my experience learning Angular and Vue.



Firebase is exactly the database for the devs that don't want to follow the full stack path.


Yeah. But it's good for beginners. The list contains projects which use MySQL and MongoDB as well. So, that makes sense I guess. To start with Firebase and then move on to conventional DBs.


What? Why? It gives you a full No-SQL database and serverless functions out of the box. It's a fully-managed full-stack setup. You CAN ignore the backend and just use the web libraries, but you can also build a full set of Flask or Express microservices on top. It's awesome.


If you are using a service (firebase) then you are a customer or end-user, not an administrator, and a full-stack is somebody that is a developer and an administrator at the same time.

However, I am not saying that you can't build a full system using a ready-made service.

Yeah most probably firebase users are beginners or novice devs.


I guess it's best but for beginners. And it make you a bit lazy too. You cannot understand backend completely until you endure the pains of setting it up manually. Thanks for your comment too.


Thanks for that tip man. I'm already familiar with SQL server and MongoDB so I wasn't too keen on learning yet another database.


Yes. These tutorials are for beginners. That's why I included Firebase, MongoDB and MySQL as well.


I have very basic knowledge about django so simply following along with the video(4) give some meaning to my time or should i be more through woth the topics ?


Correctly pointed out. Yeah you can add one but I thought according to React's demand and popularity.


Eargerly Waiting to see some MEAN fullstack tutorials!
Or if you could share something would also be welcomed!

That's a good one if you are starting with MEAN :

Thanks for all these helpful materials and instant availability


hmm okay
Maybe I'll just create an Angular version of any of them, sounds good to me

Yeah that would be best. Let us know then how was your journey with Angular?

so far for from a beginner standpoint, it's okay
I experienced some head-splitting headache moments but so far, I don't intend to drop it

Yeah beginning is difficult but SO and people here can help you. Do ask us if something is difficult for you to understand. We are here to help you.

I'll be sure to do that
thank you :)

Great. Looking forward to hear from you. You are welcome.


Free projects Man! Get started and Grab a Fullstack Position!!!

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Never rest Man! Do the best and stand out...