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Discussion on: 5 Absolutely FREE Projects YOU should do to become a Full Stack SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN before the 2020 ends !!!

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Ben Calder

Tohzt. Where did I say that women aren't capable of going after what they want?
I'm just suggesting that we can make the industry more welcoming if we tone down the overtly macho language. If I'm being disrespectful to women by suggesting that then I'll apologise: but I want to hear it from an established member of this community and not someone who - from what I can see - joined with the sole intent of trolling this thread.

You said:

They are as capable as men in many ways.

So by implication you're saying that there are some ways in which women aren't as capable as men? That looks like an overtly misogynistic comment to me...

You can read a woman's view on this topic in Technically wrong; and there are plenty of other women rightly complaining about the male-centric language used in the dev community.