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Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell

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Learning Rust by creating a terminal clock - Part 0

I'm in the process of learning Rust. I am a believer in the best way to learn a language is to just start using it.

So with that, I've created which is a terminal clock, written in Rust and very much inspired by the project.

The goal of this project is to build a cool terminal clock while learning Rust at the same time.

I've got a very initial version working. The code may not be the best but as I go I intend to clean it up as I learn things.

Are you experienced with Rust and want to provide feedback? That would be great, I welcome any and all feedback.

Are you also new to Rust and trying to learn it? Feel free to follow me as I continue on with the project.

Have some feature ideas or found a bug? Please feel free to open an issue on the project. Thanks!

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Paulo Renato • Edited

Well done ;)

Keep us posted with the progress :)