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When reading a thorough tutorial, would you rather read it in a single long article or multiple short articles?

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I'm writing a tutorial, but based on the sections I have outlined I imagine it would be somewhat lengthy for a single post (e.g. more than 4000 words).

Think of a tutorial in building a complete (although simple) app. The goal is not the end result of the app per se, but rather walking through the development phase, tying things together, in a beginner-friendly way.

Would love input on which method you prefer and why. Thanks!

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If they are distinct topics, I'd prefer different tutorials, but I think if it's going to be like part 1, part 2, etc. One long one makes sense, if only for knowing where to point folks to suggest it.


Thanks, Ben! It's indeed going to be part 1, part 2, since one will build upon the result of the one before.

Do you mind to expand on what you mean by "if only for knowing where to point folks to suggest it"? I don't think I correctly understand it.

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