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re: For some reason the younger devs in the team prefer to write code this way ☝️, but the truly enlightened devs will write code like this: const f...

Joelnet, those two are not as readable as last example from Sasa, they have a higher mental load.

But I agree with you, better style comes with age and experience. :)


This is due to familiarity bias.

It's easier for you to understand OP's examples because you have been exposed to them.

It's like reading a new word for the first time. You have to sound out every letter. But as you see that word more often, you can understand it at the quickest glance.

This does not mean that word is harder than other words you have already learned. You just haven't become familiar with it yet.

Learning more words will only improve your mastery over the language. And who knows, there may come a time when that word will be the one that will perfectly convey your message.


No, no, I use arrow functions daily, but my mantra is that shorter is not always better. For me, double ternary is not readable and has higher mental load and we don't have any advantage over simple 'if else'. Writing is cheap and quick, reading is not. :) You also must take in consideration other developers who might not prefer ternary and double ternary and they will not be happy reading this. :)

It’s an incredibly important skill to be able to say something in a simple way. A large vocabulary is useful, but doesn’t guarantee (or can even decrease) clear communication.

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