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re: I have been fascinated by Good to Great, but most of the companies are underperforming now. So it is still not clear what makes companies great. Ap...

Agreed. I'm in the same boat as you. It's an interesting read but Collins certainly didn't discover a natural law or anything like that.

It would be interesting if he did a follow-up and investigate why the great companies slid. Did they stop doing what make them great? Were they just overwhelmed by outside forces? Or something else entirely?

The other thing I try to remember is that it's easy to grow at 30% a year when you are starting from a million dollars in revenue ($300,000 in growth). But it's much more difficult to grow at the same rate when you're huge like Apple or Microsoft for example.


I share the sentiment. An interesting book with some timeless knowledge. I also read Collins' follow-up book "How the mighty fall". A shorter read but also interesting nonetheless. It may be something you would enjoy.

Yes. Thanks. My library doesn't have it but I'm going to request it through an inter-library loan.

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