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Discussion on: Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Absolutely. Post back here when you finish reading the book and share your thoughts.

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Rafal Pienkowski

I finished the book, so finally, I can write a comment after my reading. My first thought was to defend the book at any cost. I've been even thinking about a blog post about it. Finally, I'll only leave this comment. Blaine keeps in mind that I've nothing against your opinion. I respect others beliefs and feelings. Please, don't take this personally.

So let's start.

"Clean Architecture is a poorly organized book."

I can't agree. The book as a whole is well organized. Of course, there are chapters which in my opinion are unnecessary like mentioned by you chapter about design paradigms_. I share your view that sections about SOLID principles are excellent. But I think that Uncle Bob spends too much time describing those principles at this book. In my opinion, they should be mentioned, and there should be a piece of information that knowledge and a well understanding of them are required to read further.

"Not enough examples."

Holy true. I've nothing to add. I think the same.

"The book is silent on improving the architecture of existing systems."

True again. There is only one chapter which describes the example location of components across multiple libraries, but it concerns newly created projects.

"What this book is missing"

  • Unanswered questions.

Yeap, a lot of unanswered questions. I had a feeling that I'm Neo and Uncle Bob is Morpheus from Matrix, and he gives me a choice between red and blue pill without telling details.

Morpheus's pills

  • Details that would have made Clean Architecture more valuable

Here I disagree. The message from "Clean Architecture" by Robert C. Martin in that boundaries are the most important thing. We can organize our architecture in several ways depending on a project's needs. Furthermore, our architecture will evolve, and there will be a day we will need to reorganize our components. So we need to keep in mind to set up right, firm boundaries in our system. BTW you mentioned about boundaries in the section "What this book is really about."
I also think that database or www server is only a detail in our architecture. Thinking in that manner helped me multiple times.


I think that appendix which is a part of Uncle Bob's professional resume doesn't add anything. Yes, it's a beautiful story and a beautiful piece of history, but it's loosely coupled with the primary aim which is Clean Architecture.

To sum up, I also feel that "Clean Architecture" isn't dedicated for beginners and every reader should at least have experience and understanding of SOLID principles. At all this is not a bad book. I think that Robert C. Matin fans won't be disappointed. If you've read other Marin's book and you like his style of writing, I believe you will be satisfied. If you are an experienced software architect, it's possible that you will be bored during the reading. But again, that is only my subjective opinion. Please don't treat me like an oracle because I'm not.


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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Nice summary, Rafal.

I'm not an oracle either and I can see how you arrived at your opinions. I'm not offended; it's nice to show people see opposing points of view and let them decide for themselves.