re: How satisfied are you with the code quality of your current project? VIEW POST


I don't think anyone is ever satisfied with the code on their project. There's always going to be technical debt, misalignment of the architecture with the present requirements, "old" code that should be replaced with more modern libraries or coding styles or whatever is popular with you today, more unit tests, etc.

I think the more important thing is to aim for the most cost effective code, not some arbitrary quality level. That gets you thinking about things in terms of dollars, which aligns you with your business.

Sometimes the most cost effective thing is to slow down a bit, do code reviews, and write tests for that new code. And sometimes the most cost effective thing is to "hack" something together and get your site back online now.

Getting things in dollar terms allows you to have intelligent conversations about the merits of various approaches to quality and schedule with the stakeholders of your software.

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