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A good post and I agree that juniors should blog but a warning:

Avoid negative opinions on technology because possible future employers will see it.

I was hiring for C# .NET backend and 2 of the junior CVs I was sent had blog URLs. One of them had a blog post claiming that Microsoft was protectionist and evil; published just after they had open sourced all of .NET. The other was complaining that no-one should code in C# because JavaScript had "won". There was no nuance, no backup, no logical reasoning, nothing. I didn't even bother interviewing either of them.

Those sorts of conversations are fine in the pub on a Friday but if you're going to publish them online then you need to back up those opinions with something solid.

Positive opinions don't carry the same weight. "Rust is great" won't scare off employers.

Also if you self host your own blog, to me that carries more kudos because it shows you bought a domain, got a server running, installed the packages you need, setup SSL and learnt a whole lot more while doing that. Don't make that as a barrier to start, though, just write!


Totally agree, Rob! That's a great warning to call out. I'd would also love to see something like "I found aspect X of C# challenging because I hadn't seen it before" rather than "C# sucks wah wah wah".

Agree also on the set up your own blog part but yeah, Dev.To/Medium/etc is just too easy, maybe that developer shows that all important skill of pragmatism? :P (I host my website on squarespace for this reason ;) )

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