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We're looking for people to help us build out infrastructure, documentation, and to participate in an annual FREE event we hold in Victoria, BC, Canada called Battlesnake.

We're primarily searching for contributions to help us build features faster and improve documentation. The main draw for attendees is students and professional devs, and getting the students up and running to build a snake is often a difficult first step for them. Documentation is something we've worked to improve but we acknowledge that it could be much better.

We also, like last year, plan to stream the event live on Twitch so even if physical presence at the event is a no-go, spectating virtually is 100% welcome! If you have questions or this sounds like a cool opportunity to help a project, please reach out and we can find a way to work together 😄


This is incredible! I’m working on a game with a similar concept. I have the same vision in terms of learning to code via gaming and competing in tournaments. I’ve sat on it for many years and finally gotten around to prototype it. There’s a lot I can learn from battlesnake! I’ll see where I can participate. When I get time I can help make video tutorials.


Thanks Nick! We'd love to have you a drop an Issue on Github and let us know what you'd want to work on.

I'm super excited about this. I've joined your Slack. Let's chat further on it. I'll ping you.


Will make my own AI implementation in Go but i want to know if it's possible to participate remotely ? :)


Hey there! Thanks for checking the project out. We have a bunch of starter snakes written in various languages you can get started with, and if you go to you can start developing against the API and then run games there.

Unfortunately we haven't worked out a great way for remote participants, however if you want to run your own event, let us know and we can help out there.


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