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Discussion on: Announcing the Grant For The Web Hackathon on DEV

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Bruno Paz • Edited on

Hello Ali.
Coil seems a really nice idea and as an author on, looking forward for deep integration between the two platforms.

Not sure if it´s the best place to ask this, but a suggestion for improving the onboarding process in Coil Platform is to improve the "Select Payout option" page.

I know very few about Bitcoins and Blockchain and on that page I am requested to select a payment method. I have no idea what xrp, Gatehub, Stronghold or Payment pointers are. Any user like me can feel a little bit "intimidated" with that page.

I would choose Gatehub, just because it supports payouts in EUR and SEPA transfers but not sure if there are better options.

It would be nice to have some kind of introductory guide on the topic and provide a link that page.

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ali spivak

Hi Bruno,
Thank you for the feedback! We are currently working on improvements to our documentation and guides, so, yes, this is relevant and appreciated information.