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Bryan Paarmann FBI
Bryan Paarmann FBI

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About Bryan Paarmann FBI

C. Bryan Paarmann is a 30+ year career public servant who has faithfully and honorably served the United States in a variety of different positions. Bryan Paarmann is a 1988 West Point graduate. Bryan Paarmann went on to serve honorably as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, in both peacetime and combat assignments globally. After successful company command, this veteran then decided to continue his commitment to a lifetime of service to the nation and joined the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1996. Bryan Paarmann is a second-generation FBI Special Agent and he considered following in his father’s footsteps a particular honor. Throughout Bryan Paarmann’s FBI career, he served in a myriad of assignments, both domestically and overseas, with each successive step increasing in scope and responsibility across the breadth of the FBI’s Criminal and National Security investigative responsibilities. The pinnacle of Bryan Paarmann’s career was his selection to lead the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force as the FBI Special Agent in Charge. After Bryan Paarmann’s successful leadership of this Task Force, the largest and arguably the most active multi-organizational collaborative counterterrorism team in the nation, Paarmann honorably retired after three decades of selfless service to the nation. Bryan Paarmann is now focusing on the transition from government service into the private sector where he hopes to bring his skills to bear in furtherance of safety and security for all.

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