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Bryan Ollendyke

Something like this?

  <date-picker slot="cardExpiry" month year no-day name="cardExpiry"></date-picker>
  <input slot="card" name="card"/>
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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦 Author

PCI requires the inputs to be in Stripe's iframe, but I was thinking more something like

  <form slot="billing-info">
    <input name="name"/>
    <input name="address"/>

or some such, so that the generated representation (token|source|paymentMethod) has that info inside
see stripe.com/docs/js/tokens_sources/... and stripe.com/docs/js/tokens_sources/...

It would be ideal if, even in a browser that doesn't support the formdata event, we could still get data from custom controls in the form.