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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦
Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

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Any Framework, One Stripe Integration

It's Release Day!! 🎉

A happy hedgehog

Take a 👀 at @power-elements/stripe-elements, a package which exposes the Stripe.js API through cross-framework, declarative custom elements.

What that means is that with the help of <stripe-elements>, you can easily integrate Stripe credit card payments into your site, no matter which framework you're using - if any! Even if your payment form is inside Shadow DOM (not yet officially supported by Stripe.js), you can still take payments securely with these custom elements.

And this latest version adds a nice new feature. Introducing: <stripe-payment-request>


The above demo will try to use <stripe-payment-request> for a nicer UX, but if the browser is unable, will fall back to a classic <stripe-elements> credit card form.

If you want to check out the Payment Request support, you'll need

  • A browser which supports the Payment Request API (or Apple Pay for Safari)
  • At least one credit card saved in the browser (i.e. test card 4242424242424242)
  • You need a Stripe testing publishable key

To use the fallback form, all you need is the publishable key.

And like I mentioned above, stripe-elements web components work with any framework.

For More Info...

For complete API documentation see the README, and for live demos of various use cases, check out the Storybook

Take it for a spin in your next project:

npm i -S @power-elements/stripe-elements
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<script type="module" src=""></script>
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Top comments (5)

tdotholla profile image

Oooooooh i have two products that use Stripe right now...
will definitely try this out...

Great writeup!

btopro profile image
Bryan Ollendyke

This was on my todo list for this year, thank you so much for checking things off my list for me ;). I'll contribute to this instead once we get to the need for this later this year :)

bennypowers profile image
Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

Looking forward to it!

A few ideas I've been kicking around are adding a type attr like

<stripe-elements type="card|iban|idealbank|cvc|cardNumber|cardExpiry"></stripe-elements>

and using Element#update to sync form data to the element, maybe declaratively with slotted inputs

btopro profile image
Bryan Ollendyke

Something like this?

  <date-picker slot="cardExpiry" month year no-day name="cardExpiry"></date-picker>
  <input slot="card" name="card"/>
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bennypowers profile image
Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦 • Edited

PCI requires the inputs to be in Stripe's iframe, but I was thinking more something like

  <form slot="billing-info">
    <input name="name"/>
    <input name="address"/>

or some such, so that the generated representation (token|source|paymentMethod) has that info inside
see and

It would be ideal if, even in a browser that doesn't support the formdata event, we could still get data from custom controls in the form.