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Discussion on: A short love story: ReactJS & Vue, forbidden romance (Chapter 1)

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Byrne Gabrielle Libanan

This is what I feel for the past few years.. but the job market says otherwise.. I wanna fully commit to Vue with everything in my brain cells, but a quick job search in linkedin always crushes that desire.
So yeah, living the boring married life (full-time job with react), while escaping to my mistress every now and then to fulfill my desires (personal projects with vue).

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pacholoamit Author

HAHAHAHAH yep. React is so blocky and Vue was just so simple. I really believe the virtue of React is in its modularity. It's so easy for other devs to reference your React project since most (if not, all) the packages you use are on the component whereas in vue you'd have to reference your main vue file where you place all the imports. React surely wins in sharing components and their logic but Vue is such a haven when it comes to developing.