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Discussion on: The Perils of Remote Work

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Totally agree. And I figured that I'd probably get into some "trouble" using the word introvert - cuz there are a lotta competing definitions of what an "introvert" really is.

When I used that term here, I was trying to convey the concept of some dev types who really prefer to just hunker down into a programming task and be left alone. When I'm working in an office, I can get away with that kinda non-interaction for a good long time. Because my coworkers see that I'm there and they can see that I'm nose-down on a project. And if they really need to talk to me, they know that they can always walk over to my desk and tap me on the shoulder. (Cuz I won't hear them - I'll have headphones on.)

But when you're remote, if you try to go into one of those "programming caves" for more than a half-day or so, you'll quickly find that your coworkers have no idea what you're doing, or even if you're doing.

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Saloni Goyal

Yes makes sense. Especially if you join a new company or team in a remote work situation where people have no idea about how you tend to operate. They might just think you are slacking off.