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Discussion on: Throw Out Your React State-Management Tools

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

OK, I think I see what you're getting at. I will freely admit that I'm still figuring out all the ins-and-outs of the Context API. But I found, in my initial setup, that I had to put references to those functions into the associated component's state for the whole context-reference thing to work properly.

Now... am I stating that as an "absolute truth" that must be done to make the Context API work?? Definitely not. I've been doing dev for 20+ years. But I literally started experimenting with the Context API yesterday. So it's perfectly possible that I didn't actually need to stuff those function references into state to make the whole thing work. That's just the way that my solution "ended up" when I finally got it all working.

(Side note: I will freely admit that, in some respects, the Context API was a little bit challenging for me to "grok". I actually played around - with a dozen-or-more approaches - before settling on the example that I put in the demo.)