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Discussion on: Git [Script] Aliases That Could Be Helpful

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Christopher Augustus

As convenient as shell aliases can be, familiarity with the actual git commands and arguments help us stay sharp. Additionally if you are helping someone else on their computer or yours, they won't understand your commands or learn anything from them--unless they are using the same aliases.

I worked for a customer that built their own custom configuration management solution to make it easier to use git. This had the effect of weakening developers' ability to cope with git directly. Anytime they confronted atypical use scenarios (e.g. resolving merge conflicts) they were fairly helpless to resolve it.

IMO, knowing git well is one of the most important skills any current developer should have. Unlike programming languages, we now have the great benefit of a single dominant tool for version control--thankfully an open source one. The stronger you are with git, the more productive you will be.

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Krishna Damaraju Author • Edited on

Yes, git is an important skill to any developer. I agree with the points you have mentioned, but one can always use the git commands if they feel aliases are not helping. These will work as just a convenience for anyone to speed up the VC tasks and I personally don't prefer to use GUI tools available for git (despite their benefits) so settled with the aliases.

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Rob Sherling

"but IMO it is not related to productivity"

  • Could you explain this a bit more?