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Discussion on: Build Instagram Using TypeScript, Node, Express and Vue - Part 5

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calvintwr Author

Hey thanks for the comments, and for pointing out the 404. The tutorials are written not with as much attention as I would like to as the original task of conversion to typescript along with dealing with "bleeding edge" pre-release version took up unforeseen amount of my time. Will be happy if you have more suggestions.

Have updated the link to Part 2. Here's one for your convenience:
Setting up VueJs with TypeScript

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Benjamin Destrempes

Thanks for the new link!

I had to make a few changes to get all of part 1 and 3 to work on my side, I'll be happy to share those with you once I complete the tutorials. :)

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calvintwr Author • Edited on

Thanks! 👍 would be happy to get it working and help people