Discussion on: What's one thing you wish you knew before you started programming?

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Di Wu

You don't have to be good at math.

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Nicolás L Zerpa

When my mom was young, she actually decided not to learn anything programming because of that.

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Alejandro AP

At least for standard web development it might not be. For research based positions, data analysis etc etc we would most definitely need math, not necessarily to be a prodigy, but at least to have the drive to learn and adapt to it.

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Edwin Mak


So many times I've been told people never tried programming because they said they were bad at math. I feel like programming is a lot more like literature & composition, my job is to express things clearly to both humans and machines.

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Ozzie Love

I do agree, it is your story, hence copyright as opposed to patent.

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Thabo Pali

I like this response, I'm gonna use it later.

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Ali Mürteza Yeşil

This is my favourite answer so far.