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ES2018 Features with simple examples

Carlos Caballero on January 17, 2020

Introduction ES2018 aka ES9 is the version of ECMAScript corresponding to the year 2018. This version does not include as many new featu... [Read Full]
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RegExp named capture groups, are a really nice thing to have :)


in the rest/spread properties, where the 'cars' const comes from ?


That looks like a refactoring error the author made while preparing the example: I think cars is meant to be bananas (or vice versa). 🍌


Yes, It is. Today, I'm going to change the image.


Great article!
In the 'RegExp named capture groups' image, the destructuring example looks wrong, I think is { pear, apple } instead of { one, two }.


Yes, it is a wrong. I will change the image when I arrived to home


Thanks for the overview!

@carlillo Can you tell me the editor you're using for creating your lovely example images? It looks so nice in this context.

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