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First off, thank you for doing this!

My portfolio is

I'm in the process of moving from web design to UX design, so a lot of the wording is not correct. However, I want to start applying soon for related jobs (once I'm finished with my course) and wondering if my portfolio is too "basic" to show my skill or doesn't have enough on it (for example, more UX centered case studies and not the newsletter design or branding).

Thanks again for this opportunity!


It's simple and it works. My only suggestion is to limit the width of your text because on a wider browser it becomes unwieldy. Something like, max-width: 60em; line-height: 1.5;?


For sure! I love the long form project descriptions, you could almost make them into blog posts and post them here 😉! I would have clear calls to action to contact you and hire you since you will be looking soon! Emphasize those links so that people follow them! The navigation is really smooth. I would make it super obvious that the projects are clickable -- maybe make them into cards or add another visual cue. I would add a max-width to your header text so that it is easier to read on large screens! Looks great!


I had originally posted my case studies on Medium, and linked then back, but that irritated me for some reason, so I did that switch. I hadn't thought of posting them here, so thank you for the idea.

I'm definitely going to include those CTA buttons on the next round of adding code.

Thank you so much for this review! It's very much appreciated.


Hi Carmen!

Very nice work!

Here is a dropbox to your hero image.

My wifi connection is 💩. So I noticed that your hero loaded rather slowly.

If you have photoshop, if you open imgs up and press cmd + alt+ shift+s --it will open in an interface to prompt you to decide the size and dimentions and (most important for performance...) "weight" of the image.

This little feature just may become your best friend if you use images when you develop.

The image I posted above is lighter and of lower quality, but is significantly quicker to load.

I wish I had a good link for more info on this....but... check around. It's actually a bit of fun and an interesting challenge to get all images on your site to about 100 k (?) --Perhaps someone who knows about perf, could weigh in here 😂🤣.


It's a very nice site.

PS Your Richard III cover is amazing on Behance 👍🏼


Thank you! I've had problems with that image and the one I used in a previous iteration. To be honest, I thought it was my WiFi, so I hoped it wouldn't affect anyone else's use of the site.

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