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Bust these 3 Common Myths about Freelance Work

description: Searching for a freelancing job is not that difficult as there are abundant opportunities for anyone who is looking to work from the comfort of his home. Diverse nature of jobs are available so that anyone with a determination and will to work according to his own pace can get a job. While the payment is not an issue as the more you will work, more you will earn. There is a general misconception among people that freelancing is synonymous to less pay and odd jobs. In this blog, I will try to clear some misconceptions about freelancing.

Freelancing is for People who don’t want Good Pay and a Responsible Position
It is true that through freelancing you cannot earn a handsome 6 figure salary a year or many other fringe benefits that only regular employees working in office get. But don’t expect that freelancers are individuals with low education and who don’t want to earn a high amount as most freelancing jobs don’t offer much salary. The reality is in stark difference and I am sure will surprise many of my leaders.
You can easily find many websites which offer freelancing jobs and you will be amazed once you will come to know how a simple job like designing a log or writing an article can fetch you. There are people who can develop a website but can’t join an office due to any responsibility or injury. There are loads of website development services which hire freelancers to get their job done and the talented individuals in return gets a handsome of amount of money.

The fact that only those people go for freelancing who shy away from taking a responsible position in any firm is also a fallacy. People working as freelancers on multiple projects simultaneously are responsible to deliver the work on time and there is no way any leniency is shown towards them. They get paid according to their agreement with the companies and not any irresponsible or immature person can get a freelancing job that pays excellent salary.

Turning your Freelancing Gig into a Small Business

There are many examples where a person working as a freelancer has turned his job into a small company. Just as I have mentioned above, there are tremendous opportunities for anyone working in IT field to make his mark as, albeit, a small time entrepreneur. There is huge scope for anyone who can design a website and know how to turn the fortune of a company by designing a brilliant website. With little effort, you never know when your work would be appreciated by a website design auckland agency and they may contact you.

When the workload becomes unbearable for a freelancer, they start hiring other people as freelancers to work for them. This leads to hire more people and finally such an individual think of starting their own company to cope up with the ever-increasing tasks they get. That’s how several SMEs has started their work and are now established names in their fields. So never underestimate the power of freelancing.

Freelancing is Specifically for Women

For single mothers and women with responsibility of taking care of their household, freelancing is a blessing as they can get extra income without getting outside of their home. But it is a totally wrong judgment that mostly women get or look for freelancing jobs. There are certain jobs like online surveillance or scrutiny of people for a job and these jobs are mostly given to men and women themselves distance themselves from even applying for such jobs.
It is a fact that a single mother can also work in an office and can leave her children at a day care center but there are some women who want to remain with their kids especially till a certain age. Women with disability or any other illness also look for a freelance job but that can happen to men too. So there is no basis in the reasoning that only women get a freelance job as they think of them as an inferior gender or any such insane reason.

Final Word

I am sure that after going through this blog, you are now aware of what freelancing is all about and certain misconceptions which are totally baseless. If you want to know more about this exciting field or want to give your valuable feedback, please use the comments section below.

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