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If they've passed a bootcamp, they most likely know how to write programs given a pretty clear statement of requirements. That's important, but probably not the only skill you want someone to have if you're considering whether to hire them. You also need to evaluate their skills in teamwork, communication, and breaking down large problems into smaller ones. They may be deficient in computer science knowledge, such as data structures and algorithms. This kind of thing isn't used every day and you don't know you need it until you need it. So if you hire a lot of bootcamp grads it would probably be helpful to have a few CS graduates on a larger team.

From a software developer's perspective, they represent a danger of commoditizing my profession (thereby making my labor cheaper), so I'm wary of them for that reason.


That's interesting, someone else said something similar in the thread. That the skills gained are a launching point for internships and graduate programmes to fill in some of those blanks and start building as part of a team. Not as a golden ticket to a big role.

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