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Discussion on: If you fantasize about quitting dev, what you have in mind to do?

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Cat McGee • Edited

I've always fancied getting into politics, mainly because I think the tech industry needs to be held accountable and my experience could be useful. Technology and politics are often separated when in reality they go hand-in-hand. We pioneer technology and completely change how we live as a society, and with that we lead the world in a moral sense too. We need to take that into consideration a lot more than we do right now.

In an ideal world, I'd build a successful product to the point where I'm listened to and leading the tech industry down a more ethical route. That's very unlikely though, so I'm doing what I can for now!

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Yes! There's seems to be a lot of overlap in bad software and bad legislation. Creating the right metrics and feedback into the systems is crucial to solving the problems.

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Same idea here, very often. I'm just not that into it yet to walk over social anxiety of building political contacts - very few in my circle, so it's clearly a kind of people I don't know and must be prepared to relate to :D