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I'd love to run a veggie burger joint


that's a great idea! often think about running a veggie restaurant as well, we need more of those


Black-bean, Beyond Beef, your own recipe, or all of the above?


I've always fancied getting into politics, mainly because I think the tech industry needs to be held accountable and my experience could be useful. Technology and politics are often separated when in reality they go hand-in-hand. We pioneer technology and completely change how we live as a society, and with that we lead the world in a moral sense too. We need to take that into consideration a lot more than we do right now.

In an ideal world, I'd build a successful product to the point where I'm listened to and leading the tech industry down a more ethical route. That's very unlikely though, so I'm doing what I can for now!


Same idea here, very often. I'm just not that into it yet to walk over social anxiety of building political contacts - very few in my circle, so it's clearly a kind of people I don't know and must be prepared to relate to :D


Yes! There's seems to be a lot of overlap in bad software and bad legislation. Creating the right metrics and feedback into the systems is crucial to solving the problems.


Trying to answer this very question myself for the past 5-6 months. Without much success.

I am not a great developer not as committed as one should be. I just haven't found anything else I could decently do. Yet


I would say that you can be as committed as you want to be, and no more. There's a lot of industry pressure to be "passionate", to have side projects, etc, but if that doesn't make you happy then don't do it.

Live a balanced life on your own terms.


Don't force it. Finding that passion just might make you better at both. You just might find something normally outside of code that code can make better. And if not, who cares? Do what makes you happy (and pays well enough to enjoy a decent, happy life).


I think about how cool it would be to just be a handyman / light remodel guy. Someone who replaces old doors, fixes leaks, patches walls, builds gates, installs toilets. That's the life.


Or maybe something in coffee. Damn I love roasting and brewing coffee.


I roasted and sold coffee for 10 years. I'm actually planning to crowdfund a Linux-powered home roasting appliance when the economy and my finances (for prototyping) are better.

I also modified a couple of Gaggia espresso machines (PID controller, passive water inlet heating, Rancilio Sylvia steam wand, etc.) before upgrading to a Breville Double Boiler.


I mentioned my lyrics elsewhere, but I'm also looking to get more serious about blogging, and possibly even writing a book.

When I "retire" (I don't ever plan to fully, as I think the loss of productivity leads to a huge decline in physical and cognitive health), I've thought about building hideaway furniture.


Thumbs up for carpentry!

It's so unforgiving, isn't it? Cut that dovetail wrong and there's no "undo" on it.

It's like the exact opposite of being a developer.


I want to work on hobby related stuff that people have fun with, I find building things more enjoyable than coding. I am currently building my own DIY electric skateboard! I enjoy building my 1st ever battery pack and getting awesome at soldering and much better with electronics.


When I fantasize about it, it's farming, making art, or running a vegetarian restaurant.

Realistically speaking, if I quit tech I'd probably go back to school and study anthropology or something and move into a more academic/research direction with it.


Voice actor. Doing the narration for audiobooks and such.


Not sure if it counts but: There are some companies next to me where you could work as a (programming-language)-trainer.
First you would be trained quite some time (to meet the standards) and then you would work as a trainer yourself.
Would be a pleasant change for me.


Music, broadway or Writing has always been a less realistic dream of mine.


Noice. I write lyrics in my spare time. I'll eventually get back to the accompanying music - what got me into computers in the first place - to go with it, but right now I'm just ecstatic to be writing again after 8 years of writer's block (not so coincidentally coinciding with an 8 year toxic relationship).


I've always been very fond of animation, so I'd probably jump headfirst into a lot more Blender tutorials and 3D art and animation software.


I'd LOVE to run a little bookstore. It's like a secret dream of mine.


After Dev, my first choice will be Entrepreneurship.


I'm hoping you find that calling during, not after, but good "luck" (in quotes because you create your own) either way.


I would probably to get into some (elder) care related field, maybe by holding creative courses.
Ahhhh, I would love to do something meaningful although I'm currently working on a meaningful project. So I'm happy atm, but sometimes I think about volunteer work.


During this covid thing I built myself a small table for my pc case and since that moment I got fascinated by woodworking.


I'd love to go off-grid for a while, probably sell drugs in the park or somethin'... just kidding, I don't want to go off-grid.


I want to produce music. Don't know any instrument, no formal music education, but it will be a fun ride


Writing fantasy or outdoor photography


Nothing. I would have fulfilled my purpose in life, and therefor run the following method:


i would go to hilly area and live there, do some farming and will have husky for sure, i love huskies :) , or go to alaska and live there :)


I'd want to be a filmmaker or work in the TV industry as a writer or reporter.


Get into journalism. I managed to keep entertaining my other passions like drawing and making games on the side, but journalism is something I really miss from my school days.


Writing - both technical or non technical -, politics and teaching martial arts <3


Welding, and or smithing work probably, or working with and maintaining really big machines.

There’s nothing more enticing than a large gantry, with servos and steppers in all the right places.


And lasers, cutting bits, water jets and huge canisters or Argon..

Gonna stop the fetish material now.

I’ve would probably be a machinist.


I feel like I ask this question to myself every year and I actually kinda want to go back to school for computer graphics and/or mathematics.