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re: actually, bootstrap 4 is brilliant in that you can pick only stuff you want, that is you can ignore JS components. And Sass is like must have, it m...

I'm sorry, but I am reviewing posts tonight and what always concerned me about this post was you did not understand - I COULD NOT choose my jQuery version. It was imposed by our bank (3rd party) who is also our payment processor.

When that version of jQuery caused a problem, I had to search for other front end solutions. This is why I made this post: to offer possible solutions that were less tied to jQuery. So that devs might suffer less.

I know there have been improvements, but at the time of this post, it was the best way I could "cheat" my way to make something (like jQuery) and complete my work despite my restrictions. I wanted to offer options to others.

That being said, I still love me some Bulma, 3rd parties come at me!

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